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About Us

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What is Nightline?

‘We’re here to listen, not lecture.’

Nightline is a confidential listening and information service run by students for students at the University of Exeter. We are affiliated with the National Nightline Association and one of 35 Good Practice Guidelines Accredited university nightlines in the country.

Available from 8pm until 8am throughout the night during term time, we are trained volunteer students here to listen to anything you’d like to talk about.

Any Exeter student is welcome to use our service, whether you are an undergrad, postgrad, international student, or even currently studying abroad.

You can contact us about anything, whether you’re worried about your studies, having relationship problems, or just want someone to talk to on your way home at night. While for most students their time at university is a positive experience, it can be challenging too, and being able to talk things through to a fellow student in a safe and confidential space can make all the difference!


'To whoever left the blue World Mental Health Day rocks around campus, thanks. Found one at just the right time. Help begins tomorrow.'

- Exe Honestly 

Our Principles








What callers discuss with Nightline volunteers will not be shared outside of Nightline.
Callers don’t have to give any identifying details about themselves
Nightline volunteers don’t judge and support callers through whatever it is they’re going through.

Meaning callers decide what they want to talk about and the Nightline volunteer gives them a safe space to do this.

Nightline gives the caller space to make their own decision, and supports them in this rather than telling them what to do. “We’ll listen, not lecture.”
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