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Indoor Activities to Keep You Motivated

Whether you’re in quarantine, trying something new or enjoying some you time, these activities are a great way to spend your time!

Try a new way to keep fit

It’s so easy to spend the day watching Netflix in bed if you don’t fancy going anywhere. But there are loads of creative ways to utilise your space and stay healthy!

Here’s a couple of playlists you can try out:

Go to the zoo (not literally)!

The Edinburgh Zoo has opened live webcams into their enclosures! You can see pandas, penguins, koala bears and tigers. And if you can even learn some fun facts about them whilst you’re there! Find it here.

Play Pictionary with a Robot

If you’ve got some spare time and want to do something fun, you can now battle google on Pictionary. This is a great way to have some quick fun!

Get crafty

There are lots of art kits that can be delivered to your door! A few include painting by numbers, creating a soft toy and

Here are a few starter kits:

Chat to Nightline

If you don’t feel like doing a physical activity, are just feeling low or fancy a chat, feel free to call Nightline; open every night from 8pm-8am! The number is on the back of your student card. You can chat about whatever is on your mind and this can really help boost your mood!

I hope you enjoy these activities and have a lovely time doing them !

Have fun trying these out,

Becca x


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