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NLAW: Unseen Heroes

Today we are talking about Unseen Heroes!

Graphic artist Jason Ratliff brings that imagination to life in his latest series, Super Shadows, which illustrated various peoples’, animals’ and objects’ shadows in an abstract way.

Who came to mind? Was it a relative, or a friend? Perhaps a celebrity, historical figure, or political activist?

These are just a few categories of people where we might find our heroes. In addition to these, our unseen heroes in the form of key workers are now more important than ever, playing an immeasurable role in supporting us through the current pandemic. From shopworkers to rubbish collectors, and cleaners to hospital porters, more and more we are realizing the heroic work that regularly goes unseen in our communities.

The volunteers at Exeter Student Nightline also strive to be heroes.

They selflessly give up their time to support their fellow students, and remain unseen heroes by upholding confidentiality of the role even to their closest friends. Since Exeter won Nightline of the Year 2020, it is not hard to see that some truly heroic work is being done by the Nightline volunteers at Exeter to provide support in their community. Even in this second national lockdown, our Nightline heroes are still available to listen every night from 8pm to 1am via our instant messaging services.

Acknowledging the unseen heroic qualities of others is the easy bit. Have you ever considered that you are a hero?

Many, if not all of us, do not often feel like heroes. Even at the best of times it can feel disconcerting to compliment ourselves and highlight our own achievements, big and small.

However, there is a hero in all of us. Yes, even you!

We are all everyday heroes, currently living through unprecedented circumstances. Whether you are moving for Movember, smashing your essay deadlines, or even just managed to get up and brush your teeth today – you are a hero doing heroic things. It seems bizarre that we ourselves are the culprits for not seeing ourselves as heroes. Nevertheless, the value of praising and appreciating oneself can never be underestimated in terms of advancing your wellbeing.

As you go through your day today, try being mindful of all the small, heroic acts that you do. Perhaps its something as small as smiling at a stranger, or putting your housemate’s plate in the dishwasher. It is these small, often unnoticed, acts of kindness that can go a long way in making yours or someone else’s day just that little bit brighter. And that sounds pretty heroic to me.

Written by Izzie Dyer


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