‘We’re here to listen, not lecture.’

Our phone and IM service re-open on Monday the 14th of September.


For now we are still available via email, find the details of this service below.

Need to talk to someone now? Find more support here.

We are pleased to announce our email service is OPEN! You can contact us on the following email address: listening@exeter.nightline.ac.uk

You can email our listening volunteers about anything you are going through. You will receive the same support, respect and compassion that our volunteers are trained to offer with our usual listening helpline service.


We guarantee you will receive a response to your email within 48 hours.

Your email will stay confidential with only our listening volunteers being able to access it.

You will also remain anonymous, as we have a system which will remove the visibility of your email address, so our volunteers will be unable to see your name/email.

Here are a few websites which offer general guidance about taking care of your wellbeing in light of COVID-19:

Sending everyone best wishes and safety at this difficult time. 💙




Our phone and IM service re-open on Monday the 14th of September.

Nightline is open from 8am-8pm every term night.

‘We’re here to listen, not lecture.’

Need to talk outside of these times? Find more support here.

Call Us

Every term night 8pm-8am 

Find the number on your student card or iExeter

Unless we are dealing with another caller, or in the unfortunate event we are closed, we will always answer the phone! All calls will be charged at the standard network rate.

What to expect: Nightline student volunteers are not paid professionals. They are, however, empathetic, trained, fellow Exeter students who are there to listen to anything you have to say. We believe all our volunteers will do the best they can to keep you company, help you work through whatever issues you may have, or just be a friendly voice on the other end of the line. Phone conversations are solely between the caller and one volunteer – our calls are never recorded and are not on speaker – so you can feel safe in sharing whatever is on your mind.

Instant Message Us

Every term night 8pm-8am 

Click here to access our Instant Messenger

This service is available for the same hours as our phone lines and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as a volunteer is available. Our instant messenger software is provided by the Nightline Association and completely anonymous.


What to expect: Our IM service is a basic messaging software, and very simple to use. IM messages are subject to the same confidentiality rules of phone calls. In the same way as the phone however, the content of your IM conversation will never be saved.

Skype Call Us 

Every term night 8pm-8am 

Our username: exeterstudentnightline

Skype can be a great method of communication, particularly with our students studying abroad, and we should respond as soon as a volunteer is available.


What to expect: In order to protect the anonymity of our volunteers, we will be unable to speak with students via video chat, but we can offer a Skype call and Skype chat service. Please note that if you choose to contact us via Skype we will be able to view your Skype profile. However, if you would like to, you could create a fake profile and use this to talk to us to ensure your anonymity. Regardless of whether you choose to do this or use your personal profile, your account information will be kept completely confidential within the service. In the same way as with texting and IM, please also note that Skype messages can be seen on our computer by both volunteers on shift, so messages may be a collaborative effort.

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Need urgent medical attention? Please call 999. For our services and other help look here.