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Exeter Nightline stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Nightline stands in solidarity with Black lives matter and against systematic racism.

As a service our priority is the entire student community and the equality and safety of all students in it. To our community, and to those who use our service, we urge you to be tolerant, respectful and most of all anti-racist. We urge you to adopt this attitude and stand up for equality in all aspects of student life.

To help, we have provided resources across social media platforms complete with helpful materials and links to educate on the issues, we encourage all to engage with them. We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we are here for you. Though we are in the midst of challenging times, we are here to listen-please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with our email service.

We hope that the rise of the movement in the media encourages us all to look inward at our own attitudes to race and pushes us to work towards equality and greater inclusivity in our community.


Here is the link to a google doc created by our volunteers, it contains information about how to look after your mental health, how to help the movement, and how to educate yourself.


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